Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Read all about it - koolaman designs stamps its mark on Australian Country Style Magazine

 Look at what has hit the newsstand around the country today!!!!!

Yes, it is Australian Country Style Magazine and we are thrilled to announce koolaman designs has a five page spread in the latest edition.

For those who know us and the koolaman designs team, you will know we are Country Style fanatics.  How could we have anything but love, for this classic yet modern magazine bringing stories and beautiful pictures from amazing people throughout country Australia.

Never in our wildest dreams, when we launched our business, we thought koolaman designs would be contacted and asked to feature in Country Style .

Here we are six years later and the dream is now a reality.  We were floating around the studio high on excitement for weeks knowing we would soon be featuring in Country Style Magazine, after their visit to Koolaman Station in late November 2012.

Although six months has past since the visit, we can remember the day in November vividly. Mixed emotions were flooding in as the visit date loomed.  When the day arrived there was stress and nerves as we busily cleaned and styled the house.   In true country style, Koolaman Station really turned up the heat.  Our visitors were greeted with a hot dry scorching day as the temperature soared well above 40 degrees.

We were excited and intrigued, this was our first big media shoot at Koolaman Station.  Nervous and anxious feelings were upon us not knowing how the day would pan out, not to mention how we would keep the children occupied, clean and focused for a long day.

The Country Style Team arrived around 9:30am.  After a quick meet and greet with Sharyn who was leading the camera shoot, Leon her assistant and Virgina the feature writer it was all systems go until the long hot day drew to a close around 4:30pm.

We had great fun working with Country Style to capture the story of koolaman designs.  Whilst the professionals were hard at, we were doing a little of our own camera work. Here is a sneak peek from behind the scenes, certainly no where near the real deal, but just a glimpse of how the day unfolded. 

Koolaman Station certainly turned on a hot day for our Country Style visitors.  The temperature had hit 42 degrees by mid afternoon

With three young children and a busy schedule, this is a great place for some quite reflection at Koolaman Station, when time permits.
The Koolaman Station is always a hive of action and activity.  On the day Country Style came to visit, it was no different.

Virginia, Country Style Feature Writer, Lisa & Stacey take a moment in the shade to discuss the koolaman designs story.  Lenny & Teddy are also on hand to offer some advice.

With the lunch break over, the team regroup to discuss the next steps.  Eliza is pondering whether the move from the shade is necessary.   Whilst Teddy, in true boy style, just wants to get the show moving
As the team headed out to the paddock for the next photo shoot, the temperature was searing and shade was scarce.  The crew sort refuge from the scorching sun in the shade of the wheat harvester.

Setting the scene took a little work. Eventually with some help and a little coercing, the children were ready and the paddock scene was set.
Almost right to go.  Just waiting for the right light to get the shoot underway.

Finally, the light is right and the shoot begins. 
Photo shoots can certainly be harder than they look.  With the enthusiasm and patience of the children was being tested under the hot sun heat, the team work hard to catch the attention of the children to perfect the pictures.
Christian Gorman  (third generation Gorman at Koolaman Station) and the children did a fantastic job to help perfect paddock scene
Unlucky Leon landed himself in a prickle patch. Fortunately Christian was on hand to assist in the clean up.
Finally, it's the final shoot of the day.  The team gather to have a look at the days results.  It's been a long hot day, but there have been some absolutely beautiful pictures taken of Koolaman Station and the koolaman designs story.

At last.  The children have been itching to hop into the pool to cool off all day.  Finally the time has come and Virginia and Tess also take the opportunity to seek relief from the heat

Thanks Virginia, Sharyn and Leon.  It really was a treat to have Country Style Magazine visit Koolaman Station. 

Don't wait, head out now and purchase a copy of the Australian Country Style Magazine for the full koolaman designs story.  The photos are just gorgeous!



Lisa & Stacey


  1. This is brilliant, Lisa and Stacey! Well done to you and your families - can't wait to pick up my copy when I'm next in town!

  2. Bettina Kent, Casterton.May 5, 2013 at 1:12 AM

    It's 12.35am and I have just finished reading your artilce in the Country Style magazine which I purchased (Today for me as I haven't been to bed yet}yesterday.Turning off the computer on my way to bed and what do I see, a couple of friends had liked you on facebook. I couldn't resist following up on the article with this behind the scenes look into your special day.I have six girls aged 9 and under so I know how hard it can be to keep children clean and interested for this length of time not to mention in such heat. What a fantastic achievement! My wish to oneday own one of you beautiful pieces. But how to fit six girls names? Best wishes to you Lisa and Stacey.
    This months Country Style also featured a story on the James family and their kelpie dog and the Casterton Kelpie Muster.Casterton being the great town in which I live. My husband gave me my first Country Style subscription many, many, many years ago for Christmas and I have enjoyed it ever since.

  3. Beautiful girls! What an amazing effort from everybody given the heat! Stunning photos. I loved the glimpses into your stylish home too. Lisa, it was lovely to see you yesterday at Pooncarie, I hope you had a good day x

  4. I am a avid country style reader dreaming of living in the country one day..... Your story was fantastic and made me want to move into the country even more. Your work is fantastic, and i have put in a order with my hubby for my upcoming birthday! Keep up the good work! x