Monday, September 27, 2010

That one day in September....

Months of training, every Tuesday and Thursday evening and then a football game every Saturday (which took up the entire day by the time we drove the 260km round trip to get  to the away matches)  every Saturday for the past 21 weeks.  The two local teams, the seniors and the reserves team made it to the finals. I admire the dedication, and the committment that the players have.  I also think more should be made of the committment that wives and partners (particuarly those with children) have too!

Last Saturday we barracked for Merv's team in their attempt to take home the Grand Final trophy for the reserves and unfortunately it wasn't to be.... Even after Joh's super effort at creating t-shirts and everyone wearing their red and white, the footy team lost by 12 points.  The senior match result was different and they won by a large margin. The disappointment felt by the reserves overshadowed by the win of the seniors.

It's back to the drawing board and as we look forward to free weekends and Tuesdays and Thursday nights at home, 2011 will be here before we know it.