Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winner of the Mother's Day Giveaway

Well, it's been a bit tardy on my behalf... I must admit! But the old saying is 'Better late than never' and at last we're ready to announce the winner of the Mother's Day Giveaway.
Lulu pendants stamped in small font available from our online store

The winner drawn at random is Kate Smith
Kate wrote the following; 
Such a tough call, girls as all of your designs are exquisite and so personal! I am fortunate enough to already have a Ruby pendant with my daughters name (Poppy) on it. My intention is to hand that onto Poppy oneday. When our next bub comes along, hubby has already had hints dropped (subtly, of course!) that if I was to receive a silver seeds Olivia necklace with Ruby pendant then I would not be
disappointed at all :) That way that child will have the necklace & pendant handed down to them too! The next generation can get as much enjoyment from your pieces as I do!

And we decided because it took us this long to announce a winner that we'd give away two sets.
The second winner is Sheree! Sheree wrote the following in the comments.

id like to win the audrey pendant for my mum for mothers day shes a single mum who takes care of me my sister and my little brother who has autism.She is the best mum who does everything for us and every year at mothers day i feel bad cause shes a single mum money is tight and i feel bad that mum dont get any presents other than home made cards that she keeps in her treasure box with all the cards we make her every year.Id really like to win because my mum does everything for all us kids and id love to surprise her with her first mothers day present in a really long time and i know mum would love audrey pendant we have relatives who are customers of yours and mum has liked the audrey for a while but dont have the money to get it on the audrey id like it to say her name and date of birth thank you so much

Congratulations Kate and Sheree! Happy Belated Mother's Day.
from Lisa & Stacey xx