Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holidays and Mud

As I mentioned in my previous blogs Koolaman Station has experienced a large amount of rain in the past month. Luckily for us and unlike our farming friends in the north we haven't experienced floods.
The rains resulted in some large mud puddles and with cousins visiting for the New Year, the lure of the mud was too much. Gus Lulu and their cousin Tom ran, jumped, splashed and frolicked in the mud puddles.

And, here is Ned. Ned is Tom's youngest  brother and he would have loved to have been playing in the mud, but after breaking his leg on Christmas Day and now in a plaster cast from his chest to his ankles he was confined to the wheel chair or lying on the bean bags .
Fortunately for Ned and his family his outlook is very good. His break will heal and he'll be able to run and jump and splash with us in the next holidays.  As you can see from this photo Ned's in very good spirits. He even managed to work out how to thrust himself off the bean bag and drag himself  around the room by the end of his holiday at Koolaman.