Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Think May Think Mother's Day

May is here and for the team at koolaman designs we only have one thing on our mind and that's Mother's Day.  As we gear up for a busy few weeks it led us to thinking, have you been planning for a koolaman designs Mother’s Day?  We think all mothers deserve a piece of koolaman designs.  It would be extra special too if you did not have to purchase your own piece.

We recommend you slowly but subtly start dropping hints to the husband or the entire family now to let them know which koolaman designs piece you want this Mother's Day.  If you think it is not too much, maybe you could start with a weekly hint and then up the ante, perhaps a hint every second day might be appropriate.

Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up on Mother's Day and receive these beautiful hand-stamped sterling silver Kate Pendants?
 We can think of a few tried and tested ways to start planting the seeds for a koolaman designs Mother's Day gift.

1.  Leave the computer screen open on the koolaman designs online store is a good start, preferably on the piece you really love

2.  Perhaps ask them to take note of the beautiful sterling silver personalised pendant Johanna Griggs wears on Better Homes and Gardens.   Suggest you would look equally as good as Jo with your own koolaman designs MIA pendant

3.  Visit the koolaman designs team at one of our pop-up-shops, click here to see when we are coming to a place near you. We are actually holding a pop-up-shop this weekend May 2,3 & 4 at Magnolia Square, held at the Malvern Town Hall.  If you are heading to Pooncarie Field Days be sure to pop by and say hello to Lisa and check out all our beautiful pieces on display.   The idea is you try on and choose your pendant and have the team write down all the details for you on a koolaman designs card.  Take the card home and leave it in a prominent spot where it can't be missed.  Believe it or not this has worked very well in the past for lots of mums.

4.  You can always try the "I'm hard done by approach".   Our approach in this situation would be to go with the "I have a friend" or "a lady where I work" has just received a koolaman designs pendant from her husband for no reason, how lucky is she?  You might have to be prepared for a back answer along the lines of "Yeah but does her husband make tea, clean the toilet, pick up the kids etc. what would you rather?" Whilst this can bring with it slight tinges of guilt, don’t give him the slightest indication he could be right, stay strong and move onto the next plan.

5.  If all else fails head straight for the truth, put it out there, tell them what you want.  Take them to our website show them the picture of the pendant you want to order and walk them through the very simple ordering process.  Then walk away and don't ask any more questions.  The surprise will be limited to whether they actually purchase your piece or not.  It's not going to give you the whole wow factor you get from a "no idea surprise" but at least you could still have a koolaman designs Mother's Day.

If a pendant is not for you, have you thought about a bangle?  The LIESEL BANGLE is one of our most popular and fits up to 28 characters stamped around the flat side of the bangle
 Whilst we are discussing ways for you to get the piece on top of your koolaman designs wish list, it is a little remiss of us to assume you do know exactly what you want.  Have you considered 9ct yellow rose and white gold, if sterling silver is not for you?  In the lead up to Mother's Day we will be providing you with some suggestions which may help your decision making all the easier. 

Ensure you stay tuned to our Blog and Facebook page for this information we would hate for you to miss out. The koolaman designs team is full of surprises so it would be wise to stay updated as you never know when a koolaman designs hot deal could come your way!

For now happy planning and hopefully you can have a little bit of fun in the process.  Actually if you have any hints and tips for getting the koolaman designs piece of your dreams as a gift please share them with us.  We would love to hear your suggestions and in fact we are sure all mum's itching for a piece of koolaman would love you to know the secret to success.


Lisa & Stacey

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