Sunday, May 16, 2010

Play time at koolaman

Sometimes I can be a 'bad mum'! The one that doesn't have paints in the house and the craft box is packed away because the mess last time was too much to cope with. After all isn't that what playgroup and pre-school are for anyway! Besides, we have a backyard as big as a city and there are so many things to play and do outside. I faltered this week and in my haste in becoming a "good mum" got the playdough bits and bobs out and we made some playdough. But it was too sticky! Not like the one at pre-school at all which is perfect, doesn't drop too many crumbs, doesn't stick to your hands and feels as soft as a babys bottom. 
If anyone can help me with a great play dough recipe then please pop it into the comments section. You don't need to have a google id, just ensure you leave contact details  or email them to us at koolaman designs. For your trouble we're randomly going to give away one koolaman designs apron, embroidered with our logo and just the thing for a "Good Mum" to be wearing in the kitchen!

Washing up! koolaman style

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The big sister

You've all heard about Tully the gorgeous cuff bracelet that has been a very popular piece this Mothers Day. For those of you who have seen us at Mathilda's Market in Canberra and Hobart and the more recently successful launch of Magnolia Square in Adelaide you would have spied the stunning MEG piece.

MEG is the older sister and is a stylish cuff bracelet, double the width of TULLY and includes the same the unique clasp and uneven band. The highly polished finish looks even better with wear and tear.Stamped with fourteen characters, this classic piece will be in the koolaman collection for a while yet.

And not that we could ever forget the younger sister, TULLY but here is another photo just in case you missed her last time.

Little CHARLIE the baby of them all is pictured here. Suitable for children 4+
Looking for something different, CHARLIE is the perfect gift for a  naming ceremony, christening, special birthday or just 'cause.