Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winner Winner Winner

Gemma is the lucky winner of the 4 Weeks of koolaman designs Christmas
Congratulations Gemma Wescott Blair you are the winner of the 4 Weeks of koolaman designs Christmas Promotion.  For your efforts you will take home the funky BANJO Leather Band with MAMA Pendant from the HIDE COLLECTION

We loved the little ditty you put together for the competition.  If you missed the entry here it is.

Christmas comes but once a year,

Yet my mum is constantly on call for help and cheer.
Helping with toddler and bub,
Keeping me sane and the fridge stocked with ice cream by the tub.
The Grace golden pendant would be the perfect gift,
To show her my love and give her a lift.
Stamped with the name of her three grand kids,
So she could hold them close to her heart, their love not to be hid.
Congratulations and well done Gemma, we hope you enjoy wearing the BANJO Leather Band over the coming festive season.

If you want to win like Gemma, then you need to be in it to win it!  Our next Christmas Promotion will begin today, so stay tuned to our BLOG and FACEBOOK for further information.


Lisa & Stacey - HO HO HO

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so so much!! Can't believe I won!! Woo hoo!

    - Gemma westacott Blair