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Thanks to all those who entered our Christmas Competition last week.  There can only be one winner, so if you were not lucky last week please keep trying.  Today we are launching 4 Weeks of koolaman Christmas - Week 2. This is a super special giveaway.  GOLD is on the gift list and it' your chance to win one!

In the second week of koolaman Christmas my true love gave to me a Yellow Gold 9ct GRACE PENDANT with 45cm 9ct Gold Curb Chain.  Wow my true love has really hit the jackpot with this gift, valued at $710.  We would like to give one of these pieces from our GOLD COLLECTION away to one lucky entrant but you have to be quick.  This competition will be short and sharp, opening today Thursday 29 November at 4pm and closing at midnight on Saturday 1 December. 

How beautiful is the GRACE PENDANT? .
 We know Christmas is not always about presents,  But admittedly when the person giving gets it right and picks a winning gift, it's just awesome.  There are times when gift giving goes horribly wrong though and we've certainly had our fair share of bad Christmas presents! 

We want you to share your Christmas Present Experience and tell us, what was the worst Christmas Present you have ever received?  Place your answer in the comments section of this Blog and then head over to our FACEBOOK page and post your comment on our page too.  It’s that simple.

The most interesting and amusing entry will be judged the winner as determined by staff at the koolaman designs hub

So think quick and get typing,we would hate for you to miss this one off opportunity to win big.

Don't forget Christmas delivery cut off dates for all GOLD and HIDE COLLECTION orders is midnight Saturday 1 December, 2012.


Lisa and Stacey

Terms and Conditions for the 4 Weeks of koolaman designs - Week 2 Christmas Competition Giveaway:
1. Instructions on how to enter and prizes form part of these Conditions of Entry. Participation in this promotion will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry.
2. One entry per person per weekly competition.
3. To enter, simply comment on this blog post and tell us the worst Christmas Present you have ever received and then also post the same answer on our FACEBOOK Page.
4. Include your email address or a link to your website/blog where we can comment or find your email address.
5. This competition is open to entrants in NZ and AUS.
6. This competition is hosted by koolaman designs via our online blog
7. The prize consists of a 9ct Yellow Gold GRACE PENDANT with 9ct Yellow Gold CURB CHAIN and and postage ($725). Prize is valued in Australian dollars
8. Prize is not redeemable for cash nor transferable.
9. Competition opens 4:00pm Thursday 29 November 2012 and closes midnight Saturday December 1st 2012 AEST.
10. This competition is a game of skill and the winner will be based on the most interesting comment as judged by the koolaman designs team, chance plays no part in determining the winners and notified by email and via a post on koolaman designs blog on Tuesday December 4 2012.
11. Winners in this competition agree that their identity may be disclosed in winner announcements and promotional material.All entries become the property of the koolaman designs.
12. Entries not completed in accordance with the rules and conditions or received after the closing date will not be considered. Illegible or incomplete entries will be deemed invalid. The judge’s decision in relation to all aspects of this competition is final and binding on every person who enters. No correspondence will be entered into.


  1. The worst Christmas present I have ever received, was a bizarre crochet knit poncho. I was grateful, and I am sure the person who gave it to me put lots of thought into my present. I popped it at the back of my cupboard and it sat there for years. I was reluctant to throw it out.

    Determined not to let it go to waste, It was turned into a fantastic little net for catching quail in the aviary.

  2. I recieved a kitten from a ex once, but guess what I've been allergic to cats since I was a child.

  3. A whipper snippet after sustaining a serious back injury, couldn't operate it if I tried & bridge climb tickets when I have a paralysing fear of heights!

  4. I was lucky enough to recieve a Drenching Gun off my Husband for Christmas. Not only was I very dissapointed I also knew there was alot of hard work in front of me Drenching sheep. He thought he done a wonderful job prsent buying.
    Many Thanks Lola Russ

  5. i received a bottle of red wine from my mother in law and i don't drink!! (Although having her as a mother in law for 15 years has nearly driven me to drink!!)

  6. A nivea anti wrinkle cream pack is what I received, from my mother in law when I was 30 years young :-/


  7. One year i received a bath towel. Not a set - just 1 towel!

  8. My grandmother gave me little plastic hair clips - I was about
    38 at the time and already a mother to 2 boys so it was a surprise to find a present suitable for a 4 year old girl.

  9. A fishing tackle box....from my husband...say no more :/

  10. I was given a club lock and dash mat for my car by my boyfriend (now husband!!) he thought i would love something "practical"for the new car...I accepted with a smile and told him after we were married that i could think of a lot more "practical things"for next Chrissey! Thanks Mel Whitelaw

  11. The worst Christmas present I have been given was a magnified mirror with a ultra bright light in it to show me my wonderful imperfections on my face... Mmmm by the way this was given to me my by my now ex step mother!!! Say no more!

  12. I once received a candle that had already been burnt, from my aunty. She's also given me a cot set for my latest bub that only had the sheet in the package...

  13. 8 months pregnant with my 3rd child my husband gave me a set of spatulas, he thought the look on my face would be worth it - you can probably guess my response !! Cheers Karen

  14. Worst Xmas Pressie .... One Xmas being around people who are two faced lol have a lot of hatred and are just unhappy ppl

  15. The worst Christmas present I ever received ...... Mmmm only one springs to mind. It was the first present my partner had ever bought me so I was understandably excited, but as I unwrapped it well. He had gotten me salt and pepper shakers, right, well not ordinary shakers. They were 7 inch high ceramic black penises. Yes you read correctly 7 inch high ceramic black penises. To say the least I was gobb smacked. But to make it even worse how was I to determine which was for salt or pepper? When they both only had one hole lol. Needless to say they disappeared.

  16. A Whipper Snipper! Woo Hoo

  17. It was Christmas the year I was 10. Being my first double-figure Christmas I had high expectations. My 12 year old brother got a surfboard. My 7 year old brother got a skateboard. They got to unwrap theirs first. It was looking good for me, and my parents were even standing there, camera ready for my facial expression when I unwrapped my present....a chair! Needless to say, I was a little disappointed and 26 years later, my mum and dad have not heard the end of it!

  18. After watching a tv show reviewing Christmas gift ideas on which the point was made that if you really didn't like someone you could always buy them a shower cap. I had a rather bemused look on my face when I opened the present from my sister in law that year - guess what it was? Yes! A shower cap. I think maybe she was trying to tell me something?

  19. A used Ugg Boots with a hole in the toe.

  20. I received a inflatable travelling pet water bowl....I didn't even own a pet!!!

  21. When l was about 9 years old my sisters and l each opened a gift from an adult family member. I received a plastic mirror, my other sister received a plastic brush and the other sister received a plastic comb. Later that day we found the pack that these items came in. It was a 3 pack that was opened and shared between us. While our cousin received a new television.

  22. My husband handed me a small box on Christmas Day, it was even wrapped! I was so excited thinking it must be jewellery. I opened my gift and much to my dismay he had bought me bearings for our car. This is a true story and that was definetly the worst gift I was given.

  23. I received a plastic storage container full of cleaning products from my mother in law!

  24. A chopping board! Lucky I didn't get a set of knives to go with it ;-)

  25. When I was 16 and being a real girlie girl (think, pink, purple etc....still am even though I have 2 boys!!!) , I came home from working Christmas Eve (day) at the local Coles to find my dad had wallpapered my bedroom for my xmas a brown, green and cream sugar cane print! talk about gutted, there was alot of teenage hormones raging that xmas!! LOL

  26. My 3 year old son has ADHD and is obsessed with bugs, he collected, spiders, flies, ants and Christmas beetles..... My husband could not hold back the giggles as i opened the gift...... This would be my little Charlie's ultimate gift to receive however for mummy that has a massive scar on her left ankle from a white tail spider it was extremely hard to put on the brave face and act excited to receive this gift......a memory that will last a lifetime though

  27. I was about 10 or 11 at the time and received underwear and deodorant from a family friend. I'm still nervous anytime I have to open a gift from them.

  28. One year my husband gave me..... nothing! That was the worst Christmas present. I was shocked!
    I also received an old used plate one year from a crazy aunty, that was chipped and dirty. That same year my poor cousin received a leg and arm fat blaster exerciser (and he was heavy and in his teens) and my poor mother got an all in one jumpsuit that was so small it did not even fit my 10 year old sister.(all from the same aunty) Needless to say it was one embarrassing and funny Christmas that we have never forgotten.
    Thanks for the giveaway girls,

  29. My worst present was the shortest mini skirt I had ever seen, it was more like a belt! That was from my boyfriend/future husband (who was 6 years my junior). When I unwrapped the paper I nearly fell from the chair I was sitting on as did everyone else viewing! My then boyfriend insisted I try it on and as I have always had a fairly slim build to add to my horror they would not go over my hips! I did not want to seem ungrateful but had to tell him straight out that this was not for me and ended up taking them back and exchanging them for a pair of trackies!

  30. The worst Christmas present I received was a video camera. I never said I wanted or had a need for a video camera but my boyfriend at the time was busting for one so guess who used it? He used it for a total of 5 times, then sold it to his mother.

  31. Well.. One year, my husband & I received a combined gift.. It was a calendar, with photos of family members for each month.. and that's it!! LOL

  32. A book 'how to clean just about everything' My initial reaction was 'What? Is my house that messy? do I need instructions?' he he ;) Merry Christmas to you and your families.

  33. My dear husband who always trys his best, baught me a cross except it was this big black gothic kind of thing it was so big! I had to tell him im so sorry but i aint going to wear this thing! we had a good laugh about it. I adore dainty little things i have no idea why he would have thought yes this is my wife! But we know how our Husbands can be sometimes! But hes a sweetheart, I just have to say this GRACE pendant absolutly takes my breath away i adore it so much its just beautiful.

  34. I once received an ironing board from my three children for Christmas. Although I wasn't thrilled with the present I couldn't help but laugh at the smug look on their faces - they had hidden it between my son's mattresses for 2 weeks and were thrilled that I hadn't been able to find it despite making his bed daily!

  35. Last year my mother in law gave me a cleaning book and gardening book! With good intentions I'm sure!!!! :)

  36. My worst Christmas present came from my dad. Every year he asks me what I would like and I say I'd love whatever you get me. One year I decided I would like a sewing machine, I said I didn't want anything fancy, even second hand would be great. What did I get??? A Piggy Bank so I could save for it myself. Not happy Dad.

  37. The worst present I ever received was a silver heart locket necklace (doesn't sound that bad really) on the back it was engraved with "Happy 40th Judy". I was 16, it was Christmas not my birthday and my name is Christine not Judy. At 16 I wasn't laughing but now it brings a smile to my face. :-).

  38. Every day on Christmas from when I was 6 till was 12 I had tonsilitis . No joke every year. My brother would carry me out to the tree and they would have to open my presents. I was so sick I don't even remember any of my presents. I know it's not a present but it's something I got that was always the worst. (Thankfully before my 13th birthday I got them taken out.)

  39. The worst present received at Christmas time,
    was not a pair of socks, they were divine.
    Nor was it the AA batteries,
    or the granny undies, they were quite flattering!
    The worst present received at Christmas time,
    Was presented in a small wrapped parcel that looked fine!
    It got me excited, and I couldn’t wait,
    Until Santa slid down the chimney late.
    I had to open it early you see,
    Only to find a roll on deodorant, was someone playing a trick on me!
    They couldn’t tell me to my face (or under arms),
    That I smelt worse than a rotten egg farm!

  40. after dating boyfriend at the time (now husband) I was invited to spend Christmas with his family and extended. I was given two gifts. One was those tins with the Short bread biscuits ( mind you it had been opened and eaten out of). Then a small wooden box with a dodo bird on the top,brown and all scratched up,which stunk of smoke. I felt very loved..... mmmm I am into recycling but that is taking it to another level

  41. Christmas presents are wonderful,
    A way to show we care,
    And to see the thought behind the gift, is hopefully not so rare;
    But a little disspapointing, I must say it was, as a young girl it made me cringe!
    To be handed my best doll, by my grinning toddler sister,
    Sporting a a newly cut FRINGE!!!
    Needless to say, the scissors are away, and a nice day was still to be had;
    But a big sister can never let slip the chance,
    To remind her of that christamas gift gone bad!!

  42. Given that I have NEVER smoked a cigarette in my life, am a chronic asthmatic, and pedantic about my children NOT being around second hand smoke.... when I was given a billiard ball cigarette lighter and matching ashtray I cant say I was particularly impressed! (

  43. This has been the topic of heated debate in our house in the past...

    My Mother-in-law feels she wins having been given a book on composting in the past from my father-in-law.

    My wife argues that she wins having been given a four-pack of toilet paper from her Granny (although it was the 'posh' soft stuff with flowers or puppies or something printed on it).

    While I argue that I win after said wife gave me a travel backgammon set one year. Not a bad present in itself, the problem was that she'd forgotten that she'd already given it to me a month earlier for my birthday.


  44. I had to rack my brain
    I had to really think
    Have I received a pressie
    That really did stink?

    A-ha - of course!
    How could I forget
    That dreadful ex boyfriend
    The one I'll always regret

    He lived in my flat
    He ate all my food
    He was manipulative, abusive
    And a cheater - how rude!

    He spent all my money
    Not that I had a lot
    He made me doubt my value
    Yet cared not a jot

    Christmas came around
    I hoped, could it be?
    That some of that spending
    Had been on something for me?

    Alas, the day arrived
    And my hopes were for nought
    A Margaret Fulton cookbook
    50c from the Op Shop he'd bought

    Needless to say, I got wise
    I put him out on his arse
    And after this nightmare relationship
    Something amazing came to pass

    I met my gorgeous husband
    We had our two magical boys
    Whose laughter and playing
    Is the best kind of noise

    Fingers crossed, I'm the winner
    So this Christmas I see
    My precious men stamped in gold,
    A koolaman Grace under my tree!

    apfreemantle at

    1. Unfortunately, this is a true story! ;)

  45. I got a bar of soap with the price been reduced to 80 cents still stuck on the soap and not wrapped or with a card just handed to me by the person.

  46. My darling husband thought he was very clever. Decided to buy me a lovely white towelling bathrobe. Thought I would like it loose so bought me a size 22. I am a size 8! Looked like the sorcerer's apprentice in the Disney movie!

  47. im still debating what the worst christmas present ive ever recieved was but it comes down to either a packet of coloured rubber bands, or a labeller just what every woman wants for christmas from there husband.

  48. I received a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream - might not sound bad, except the stuff makes me gag as I can't stomach cream. I have a feeling they mixed up me and my sister (who loves it!)

  49. the worst present I ever received were toys from the op shop - id rather they just said they we short on cash then buy me (my kids) toys from the op shop. Don't get me wrong I op shop for myself all the time, but I hate the fact they felt pressured to have a gift at all. F

  50. I get my worst present EVERY YEAR. My well meaning, yet slightly delusional, mother-in-law gets me a massive basket of lavender bath products every.single.year. Not only do I hate lavender with a passion (it makes me sneeze) but I also have the most feral bathtub in history and it's a long standing argument with my husband that I refuse to use the bathtub until he agrees to renovate! I'm not sure if her gift is supporting my argument (i.e. I need a new bath to use all these products) OR her way of telling me to just get over it and have a bloody bath! Either way, it's getting pretty old after 14 years. {}

  51. Its not a present I received but one I gave to my amazing Mum. When I was little I gave her a pet mouse, unfortunately I wrapped it up in a box under the tree a week before Christmas. Needless to say Mum was very shocked when she opened her present to find it had died.

  52. Hi the worst Christmas present I have ever received was from my husband when we where dating over a year it was a huge Hawaiian type shirt ( size 18 at least ) I was a size 12 was brought from a home decor store not a clothing store it was black and had bananas on it it was hideous....his daughter was about 10- 11 at the time and I am sure she helped.....thanks Bron ( yes I did return the shirt and never wore it oh yuck)

  53. This entry is on behalf of my sister in law, who received some candles that looks like chocolate (she would have rather the chocolate) and a shampoo and conditioner pack for blonde hair (she has dark brown/black hair) and all this from the one who knows you best, her mum :-) . I am lucky enough to have an Amelia bracelet and thought Belinda deserved something special too, Janelle Cuzen.

  54. My worst Gift was when I was 7 months pregnant my husband gave me an electric scooter!! Not sure how I was meant to balance on it let alone ride it!!

  55. Last year my dad bought me a will kit! Um.. trying to tell me something dad!?! He is a man that gives practical items only at Christmas, but seriously dad - could you be any more morbid- its meant to be the time of happiness and joy!

  56. Call me a kiss up but I don't believe there is any such thing as a bad present. If someone thinks enough of me to buy or make me a present I am happy to receive it, it wouldn't matter if it were a packet of gum!

  57. A few years ago now my boyfriend (now husband) had a big beautiful present wrapped up for me under our tree, I was SO excited thinking of all the wonderful girly things it could be. On Christmas morning I raced out and unwrapped it and it was a BBQ! I still laugh about it now everytime we use it after all these years!

  58. I so though I was getting an engagement ring for christmas many years ago and was smug with excitement, had secretly told a few close friends of my anticipated present. To my horror I got a fishing rod and tackle box. I actually burst into tears on the spot!! 7 days later on New Years Eve I did get the engagement ring! Finally!

  59. Cant say I have ever recieved a bad gift, after 10yrs of marriage there is always this little glimmer of hope, after many hints being dropped that I will get a gift for xmas of my husband. I'm still waiting !!LOL

  60. My worst gift was the year my first child was born, I had a 6 week old baby, and a body that had had a baby 6 weeks previously and my darling husband bought me a white triangle bikini with matching white board shorts (both in the size I was pre-baby).I was heart broken..... he has improved over the years thankfully!!!

  61. At first I thought a new iron was sublime,
    but after a 3rd sunbeam from Mum,
    who said 'just in case!'
    I thought 'a little extreme?'

  62. One Christmas my boyfriend (now husband!) handed me a small wrapped box- clearly a jewellery box. I opened it to find a diamond solitaire- one that was NOT meant as an engagement ring, he just thought I would like the classic, simple style! Needless to say there was much explaining to be done at Christmas lunch that day. He's not bought me jewellery since! (

  63. A dead Puppy.... Well it was not dead at the time but it turned out that it had a congenital heart defect and he died while we were still unwrapping the other presents. It was lucky my son was too young to understand or remember.. But I will never forget

  64. wasted rather than worse i guess, Each year we are given a fruit cake, made with love and sweat, from my step mother and each year i smile ever so nicely and say thank you, before i pass it on to my mother, of course i always keep a small amount so that i have some here when they come over. Leading up to christmas, she actually asked me this year if i liked them and if i wanted one......i had the chance to say no thanks and didn't have the heart......think i'd rather lie for a few more years considering the effort that goes into it. moira:

  65. The Christmas before our world trip we decided to buy each other something small and thoughtful because we were saving money. Hubby loves cooking and Thai food, so for a bit of travel inspiration I bought him a beautiful Thai cook book. I get bitten by Mosquitos a lot. He bought me a mozzie shooting gun that fired plastic darts with a big swat on the end. Sigh.

  66. My absolutely worst Christmas Present was from an ex boyfriend, he knew I was practical but seriously who buys their girlfriend a new toilet seat? And to boot it was a really cheap one, hence he very soon became the ex.

  67. Aah forgot my email address, I received a plastic storage container of cleaning products from my mother in law.

  68. Secret Santa can be so much fun,
    Quirky little pressies without costing a ton.
    Unfortunately sometimes you may need to hide your surprise,
    If the present's truly dreadful you must stifle your cries.
    I learnt this quick a couple years back,
    When secret Santa brought me make-up in his sack.
    Awesome pressie you may think,
    But unfortunately it was all second hand and on the brink.
    The lipgloss was so old it had started to split,
    And the mascara used and gone to grit.
    But a smile I plastered on my face,
    Disappointment you couldn't see a trace.
    And now it's something to look back at and have a laugh,
    Maybe secret Santa needs to employ better elf staff!

    (Not sure if I'm allowed to enter again, but giving it a cheeky go as I'd love the Grace for my mum! Thanks!!

  69. 1, 2012 at 11:57 AM

    I got a bar of soap! and to cap it off, the family dog also got the same thing!!!!! I was supposed to be grateful as he really loved that dog, but it just wasn't happening for me :/

  70. when i was about 8 My mum had given my brother and my sister and I some money to go and buy some presents for each other for CHristmas but instead of my brother buying us anything he went into our room and hijacked some barbies, dressed them up really bad, put them in a shoe box and wrapped them up and put them under the tree & then just used the money to buy himself something, he thought it was hillarious needless to say I was scared for life!

  71. My brother bought me florescent yellow earrings about the size of a 10c piece when we were younger, my sister got orange ones. They were so cheap & hideous, we have a chuckle about it now though.

  72. The worst gift I ever received for Christmas was a box of Groceries from my beloved parents whilst my 2 younger brothers were the excited recipients of a SPEEDBOAT!!!! I guess this is what happens when your the oldest child and leave home first...anyhow i guess some 16yrs later i should probably just get over it NOT!!!!

  73. My husband's family all got terrible presents in 1993.....NOTHING. All his presents were stolen from the inside of his ute whilst he was working on Christmas day!

  74. The worst gift I ever received for Christmas was an UNDERWEAR SAFE! It's lingerie like you have never seen before! It looks like your grandmothers undies with your grandfathers skid marks all over it! You are meant to keep your valuables in the little pouch at the front and the theory is that if someone robs your house they are not going to look in your stained briefs for your valuable necklace's!!! That same year I also got a pair of gumboots for the dairy! Can I just say for the record I do have a lovely jewellery box.

  75. My worst present I would recive this year from my husband. I just bought a new car and he thought it would be a nice present to give me new wheels??? so I quickly told him that i do not want new wheels. I might get something nice after all:-)