Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Special Request - SOS

Last week at Magnolia Square in Sydney one of our customers made a special request. Her Dr has advised her to wear a medical alert necklace/bracelet or even a tattoo to notify medical personnel of her condition.

Well, our customer wasn't too keen on the tattoo idea so when she heard we were coming to Sydney for Magnolia square she asked us to customise a silver medical alert pendant on a chain for her. We stamped the details on our FINN pendants.  The first pendant was stamped with MEDICAL and the second with her condition and Dr's name and we put it on one of our new extra large ball chains.

Top left - some of the pretty at magnolia square, Johanna and Jodi (Abby's Mum) and the beautiful baby Abby, Bottom Left - Abby catching some zzzzz's in the very comfortable sleepi spaces moses basket  and the koolaman stand at magnolia square. 

Also at Magnolia Square in Sydney we met the gorgeous Johanna from Sleepi Spaces and her beautiful range of moses baskets and perfectly fitting liners. These are a must have for a new baby, come in the most divine range of colours and are very comfortable. To prove it little baby Abby tried it out. And quickly fell asleep above is a photo of the little poppet sound asleep. 

And we had lots of lovely people enter our draw for the $200 koolaman gift certificate giveaway and the winner is.... Alison Sinclair!! Thank you, we had a wonderful time at Magnolia Square in Sydney albeit very wet, but as a farmers wife and daughters of a farmer we'd be cursed if we wished the rain away...

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