Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun in Brisvegas...

Brisbane is a beautiful place to visit. We love the weather in June, with it's subtle hints of winter. Dining alfresco in the middle of June wouldn't happen at Koolaman....but it does in Brisbane and it's absolutely delightful.

The weekend was packed with action as we exhibited koolaman designs in two locations. We were at the the ever gorgeous Mathilda's Market on Saturday morning and the busy three day Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo at South bank Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Our able assistants Tessa, Tara and Susan helped us over the weekend. Thanks girls!

We saw some interesting things around Brisbane and here is one of them if you look carefully you'll see a  small dog in a seatbelt on the back of a motorbike......only in Brisvegas....

Here is another it's the urban pram bike the taga bike which wouldn't go well on the bumpy gravel roads at
Koolaman but wouldn't it be delightful if you were in the city and had to pop down to the shops, with the baby and toddler in tow.....

And finally a very big  thank you to everyone who popped their details in our weekend giveaway.

Congratulations to Kelly Rowling who won the TULLY bracelet in our combined Mathildas Market/Pregnancy Babies and Childrens Expo giveaway.
If you're in Canberra this Sunday, visit us at Mathilda's Market at the Hyatt Hotel 9am -1pm, we'll be exhibiting the entire silver with character colllection we'll also have another giveaway, this time with the popular  MIA pendant as worn by Johanna Griggs and Julie Goodwin.

See you in Canberra on Sunday!

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