Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Penny for your thoughts!

Well,  think we did. The giveaway was meant to make it easy for the koolaman team to make a decision on the name of our new pendant. The overwhelming response to the giveaway with hundreds of suggestions meant that we had plenty of names to choose from. There was a varied response, with lots of Mums suggesting their children's names, names inspired by friends or special people,  phrases, some humour, some suggestions of beautiful names already in the collection and we even received a poem. 

We've selected the name with thanks to Brooke. Brooke suggested PENNY(the pendant) is round and penny shaped (even though there is no middle) and its just a pretty and simple name that fits with your other pendants.... We debated about PENELOPE as there were a few suggestions for this beautiful name too however we decided on PENNY. We all agreed,  PENNY certainly fitted with our koolaman designs silver collection and we think it's a fitting name for our new pendant.

Congratulations to Brooke who is going to receive one of the first ever koolaman designs PENNY pendants

We'd like to thank everyone who sent through their ideas, we were amazed by how many of you there were and we certainly appreciated your efforts.

Here are a few of the interesting replies we received.

The Poem by AM

Your pendants are inspired by children's names
And just like children, none are the same!
Your new pendant suits both female and male,
So a unisex name is guaranteed not to fail!

While I have only one son, I have not chosen his name,
Instead I have decided to play your game.
I considered names such as Alex, Quinn or Marley
But in the end, I settled on "Charli(e)".

What a lovely name for a girl or a boy!
I hope you feel this name will bring you joy,
And be a wonderful addition to your collection,
Of pendants, tags, chains and other selections!

Maria said
Hi Stacey and Lisa,
My suggestion is May! It is the month of May...Mother's Day! It is also the name of my first child of four I could fit all my children's names on this pendant! May Margaret, Samuel Alan, Max Bernard and Thomas John Kent!!!

Fiona suggested
I think it should be called Fiona - cos it's big and round just like me!!

Amelia suggested
Aimi. Has Mia (backwards) in it but adding an extra letter to make it a new name but still part of it's original name

Libby suggested
Ethel Turner wrote the australian classic, Seven Little Australians. This pendant is just the thing needed for mums with thier own seven little australians, therefore I suggest ETHEL.

Renae suggested
My suggestion is "hula" when I first saw the photo I thought of a hula hoop, and all the laughter joy and excitement a hula hoop brings to a family .. Old and young :-) it creates memories that last forever in the family photo album

Olivia suggested Riverina - it just goes on and on

Tess suggested
Angelina - even she could fit all her kids names on it! ;)

Plus there are hundreds more of your suggestions on our facebook collection page and the blog
PENNY is now available at our online store and at fairs and expos leading up to Christmas. Don't forget if you're need a Christmas gift for yourself or someone else, order by midnight 8th December if you live in WA, SA, QLD, NT or midnight 12th December VIC, SA, NSW, ACT, and TAS. Orders placed after this date may not reach their destination for Christmas.

Thank you
Stacey & Lisa


  1. Congratulations Brooke! PENNY is perfect :-)