Sunday, January 16, 2011

The good things about living in the country! (and married to a farmer)

You can ring the pharmacist for medical advice (he's kind of like the local Dr anyway)  and he knows you and the kids. You can even ring the local DR and get to speak to them too!

That we can take Merv his lunch and enjoy a long picnic with him down in the paddock under a tree.

Take-Away food simply isn't an option.

When Merv's not busy he comes in for several cuppas a day and takes the kids with him to check on the sheep.... and I have a moment to catch up on the jobs of the day.

Stopping on the side of the road for a toilet stop for three children, people driving past slow down to check if everything is okay.

The lamb and pork we eat is grown on our own property. Chooks have free range and we have the most delicious eggs! 

When the mailman arrives, he calls us on the radio to say that the mail has arrived , the previous one used to drop the mail on the kitchen bench.

The day I developed mastitis with my newborn second child, after having previously having experienced it with my first child, I rang my Dr who is 200km away who faxed the script through to the pharmacist and my mother in law who was in town shopping brought the antibiotics home with her.

Taking things home on "appro" still happens in country towns. 

The mailman only comes two days a week, but our next door neighbour works in town every day, and when I need to post parcels and I'm not going into town, I ring my neighbour and hang the parcels on the grid and she picks them up on her way past.

Run out to the clothesline (yes, we still have room for a clothesline in the yard) after a shower covered in a towel and not worry about any neighbours popping over the fence.

Our kids can ride their bikes on the tracks and I don't have to worry about any traffic.

Our kids at koolaman are fortunate to have their grandparents living next door and can ride their bikes or walk between the houses. 

You can still get driveway service at fuel stations

We know everyone in our street (road), in the district...

Very rarely, does someone just pop in and surprise us in our pj's.

It's a long way to come to Koolaman  for a visit and I love how visitors always stay longer than just for a cuppa.

These are some of the advantages of living in the country, on a farm and married to a farmer! There are plenty of negative but we're looking at the glass half full!

What are the good things where you live?


  1. Not to mention the generally lovely neighbours Lisa! lol...
    Beautiful post, Isobel is looking so grown up! At the moment I am loving the fresh rain smell, our water view and kids loving all this newly acquired MUD!!!

  2. Fiona - GulargamboneJanuary 16, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    Being able to walk outside at night, see the stars and hear the sounds of the bush...the moon always looks bigger and brighter in the country.
    Also rain on the tin roof, frogs singing near the water tank (or in it), the repeater station coming through the two-way (that means rain)and the enormous sense of home as you drive down that very long driveway.

  3. I think you have all the best things going for you right there ♥. We're on the GC, the beaches are what keeps us here...and the hinterland. That would be it! :)

  4. I love that our kids learn to drive at the same time they learn to ride a push bike, we can go on adventure walks in our own back yard, our mail lady leaves lolly bags in our mail box at Christmas complete with nail clippers hehehe ...... I love that our dog can walk the banks of the river with us and that we dont need a permit or any bodies permission to pitch a tent. I love our starry skies by night and our long blue skies by day and what some people fail to comprehend .... I truly love the miles of red dirt .... it makes me feel a sense of freedom and the Australian spirit. Bel xx

  5. sounds awesome. your kids getting to ride their bikes & trikes everywhere without a care sounds fantastic :)

  6. where exactly does all this beautifullness take place?? sounds gorgeous, would love those starry starry nights and the gorgeous blue skies x enjoy
    Robyn Holland x

  7. Oh I love love love this post! It reminds me of when I was a child and lived in a small country town. It was just as you describe!

    What's good about where I live?

    I love that we know our neighbours and if there is a problem - we help them and they help us. Car broken down? No worries - borrow mine. Need anything at the shops? I'll get it.

    Beaches that we love. 20minute drive from the city - 30mins by train. Great shopping, great choice of schools, fabulous friends close by.

  8. Hi,just found your blog and loved this post. So true.

  9. Beautiful post Lisa, we can do most of those things too although I do wish that we had Grandparents living much closer!

  10. i love that there is at least one of everything on our town and nothing is ever too far away. ..except the city.. :)
    Brett - Mildura