Monday, July 12, 2010

Winter Holidays @ koolaman

School holidays are over. On the last day of the holidays it rained for most of the day today and the girls and I were looking for fun things to do inside. Lulu's idea was to paint our nails, a beautician in the making.... It looks like it might have been torturous and bloody but there was far too much laughter happening while the toes were being murdered. Lulu & Belle might need a bit more practice of painting the nails and less of the toes!

We had a couple of days in Melbourne, where we went to a footy match to see Gus' beloved Hawks... Melbourne turned on the cold weather and despite our best efforts we had to duck out at three quarter time and watch the last quarter of the "best game of the year" from our hotel.
 Watching the players warm up... and getting a bit of practice in for when the Hawks score a goal....

We can highly recommend dinner at Carltons Bistro Two Dozen. A beautiful restaurant we'll visit again, next time without the kids. Not because kids aren't welcome, that's not the case at all, we arrived early and we were all waited on by the staff, all delighted to be able to help us out. No, the reason I want to go again, is to enjoy a drink in the wine room downstairs, before dinner and then be able to sit back and take my time  digesting the  delicious meal. It's situated at 180 Rathdowne street and is easy to find, I'm looking forward to another date with bistro two dozen...

Gus in the wine cellar at Bistro Two Dozen

Gus Lulu and Belle loved the Disneyland on Ice show...
And, don't forget Father's Day will soon be upon us... We've got some new things to show you soon but in the meantime you can admire the Henry cufflinks here.  Pop the 30th August into your diaries. This is the last date for orders to ensure delivery for Fathers Day.

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