Friday, July 30, 2010

The simple things in life

I love birthday parties, I love all of the birthday bits and bobs, the themes, the matching paper products from places like the cupcake wrapper co and sambellina party supplies. And I also love the simple things and when we were invited to Lara's birthday the other day I was delighted to see these gorgeous homemade goodie bags... All decorated by the birthday girl and her four year old sister. In between coordinating two year old birthday parties Lara's Mum is busy making delicious olive oils and olive oil products

And, then the not so simple. Talia,  one of the koolaman team members said that she was going to create a Humpty Dumpty cake for her daughters birthday, we imagined one about 10-15cm high, with an egg as humpty dumpty and a piece of cake covered in chocolate icing for the brick wall. We were astounded when we saw this spectacular Humpty Dumpty masterpiece. As I'm sure little Amaya was too! Talia also used the 'reusable' cupcake wrappers from Kathy and Natalie at the Cupcake Wrapper Company.

 Don't forget we'll be at the GEELONG Piccadilly Market this Sunday 1st August from 10am - 4pm.
A sneak peak of the WILLIAM cufflinks

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