Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The beach

After a family gathering in Geelong we spent a couple of days at the beach. Lulu couldn't remember going to the beach before and Bella Boo (18 months) hadn't ever experienced beach sand between her toes and the smell and the taste of salty water.  The kids ran and played and swam and then did it all again, and at the end of the day fell into bed exhausted.
And, on the days when we thought it too cold to swim, the kids from koolaman, stripped off and played and swam in their underwear.


  1. Lisa these pictures are gorgeous, looks like the kids had a fantastic time at the beach. Its just a pity the beach is so far away...

  2. great photos Lisa! Lovely to hear that you all enjoyed your getaway, isn't the beach wonderful! Heading to the coast ourselves this weekend, can't wait! Sophie.