Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's cooking good looking?

This little beauty came my way this last week. After years of wishing and hoping, finally I could justify the expense of buying this shiny kitchen appliance. A friend said to me a couple of years ago, after I commented on her kitchen aid mixer, "it's just a mixer". I now know that she was only being kind and there is a difference between the one I have used all these years and my new kitchenaid mixer .
My Dad bought the second hand mixer for me that I have faithfully used for the past ten years. It's now retired to the shearers quarters, to be used for a short period only once a year by the cook at shearing time.
I do love my new mixer. AND I love how I can use it and the kids and I don't need to wear our ear plugs when it's turned on.. I mean we can actually still have a conversation when it's mixing. To justify this gorgeous appliance I have said to my husband that it was a necessity to prevent 'industrial deafness' for the members of our family.

There is one problem though, I want to use it all the time but there is a limit to the amount of fluffy cakes and yummy slices we can have at Koolaman.

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